BC-5150 is a highly user-friendly and innovative analyzer that offers cost efficient CBC and 5-part white cell differential results. It is targeted to fulfill and exceed the demands of our global customers by providing more accurate, more efficient and more innovative solutions for labs.





WBC 5-part differentiation, 25 reportable parameters and 12 research parameters, 3 histograms and 3 scattergrams Whole blood mode, Capillary whole blood mode and Prediluted mode Tri-angle Laser scatter + Chemical dye + Flow cytometry technology Dedicated optical counting channel for Basophil measurement Powerful capability of flagging abnormal cells


Running capillary blood through the sample probe directly is more convenient for the users in children’s hospitals, etc. For Prediluted mode, BC-5150 has higher dilution ratio than other 5-part hematology analyzer, thus it brings a better mixing effect

Improved Performance

Improved DC impedance technology is used to count and size the RBC and PLT. The smaller counting aperture (50 μm in diameter) provides better performance on samples with low PLT.


4 USB ports are located on the instrument’s left side. They permit BC-5150 users to transmit data conveniently and connect with printers, keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner, etc.

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