A floor-standing, modular, discrete and random access clinical chemistry analyzer offering up to 2200 tests per hour including ISE's with Sample Delivery Module.



System Layout

  • Constant throughput of up to 2200 tests per hour including ISE's

  • Sample Delivery Module and Front Track System

  • Expandability in different modules

  • Permanent cuvettes with 8-stage auto-washing station

  • Minimum 80μl reaction volume

  • Reversed grating system with 13 wavelengths

  • Bubble detection for reagent probes and clot detection for sample probes

Real-time QC Status Monitoring

  • Westgard Rules and Two-Control Evaluation check Levey-Jennings chart and Twin-Plot chart for review

  • Real-time alarm and locating when QC result(s) is out of range Auto QC setup capability

High Performance Reaction System

  • Two 6-head mixing units for reagent and samples

  • Direct solid heating for reaction carousel, maintenance free

  • Washable glass cuvettes for permanent use

Stable Cooling Compartment

  • 2°C-8°C constant cooling compartment for reagents.

  • Constant cooling compartment for calibrators and controls in sample carousel

Efficient Washing System

  • Interior & exterior probe washing with high pressure pre-heated water

  • Programmable enhanced washing with detergent for reagent and sample probes

  • 8-stage cuvette wash station, washing cuvettes with pre-heated detergent and water

  • Two-step mixer washing with pre-heated detergent and water

Enhanced Optical System

  • Dual-optical system with same light source

  • Dual-lens and dual-diaphragm technology 80 ul minimum reaction volume

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