As the new flagship stand-alone chemistry analyzer of Mindray, BS-430 achieves a perfect balance between size and throughput with uniform reagent package and software.


Uniform reagent package

The reagent package is applicable to Mindray Chemistry Analyzers including BS-120, BS-200, BS-200E, BS-230, BS-240, BS-240Pro, BS- 360E and BS-430.

Good for Reagent management

  • Customer breakthrough - no need to introduce one more reagent system
  • Reagent forecast - along with bench-top analyzer, less forecast fluctuation
  • End-user preference - better reagent management, avoid reagent waste




HbA1c smart sampling

BS-430 chemistry analyzer utilizes HbA1c smart-sampling technology, which allows onboard automatic hemolysate preparation for whole blood samples, thus achieving shorter turnaround time (TAT) and eliminating any biohazardous risks or any errors by manual operation.



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