Mindray's CAL 8000, Hematology Automation Line is an intelligent and highly optimized workstation for smarter, faster and more reliable cellular analysis.

On CAL 8000, the hematology analyzer, slide maker & stainer, CRP analyzer and HbA1c analyzer are all integrated into one seamless production line through automated track modules and trolley.

Simply by loading a single tube of blood sample onto the automation system, you can get all the test results you need. This innovative walk away automation functionality has made possible the “CBC+CRP+HbA1c” testing all in one streamlined workstation for the first time in the industry.



Flexible layout, optimized space

Frustrated by how to maximize testing output with limited or complicated space? Maybe you don’t have to be. The new generation CAL 8000 doesn’t need your lab to change anything to fit it, because it “changes” itself to fit your space.

With the extended track, turn module and flexible layout, the automation workstation can be configured into outer and inner L-shaped designs to make the best use of laboratory space.

Advanced blood smear solution

For blood smears, the SC-120 slide maker & stainer component can carry out the automated detection of blood consistency and automated adjustment of blood volume, angle & speed of spreader accordingly to ensure a high quality smear. Its staining cassette with automated maintenance, as well as the optimized slide printer also ensures the reliability of the smear system.

The CMU software

The touch screen is the “brain” of CAL 8000. It optimizes the distribution of workload between each BC-6800Plus unit and decides which sample requires a blood smear. It displays the status of each BC-6800Plus or SC-120 installed on CAL 8000 as well as the volume of balance reagent. This intuitive software can tell the users all necessary information of CAL 8000 at any given time. Consequently, the users spend less time operating CAL 8000 and can arrange their working schedule better.

Multi “R” tests

The CAL 8000 can automatically distribute the samples with “Repeat”, “Rerun” and “Reflex” criteria which are pre-defined by users.The re-exam criteria on CAL 8000 can be defined by many conditions, such as time, patient's age, gender, department, etc. This helps minimize the number of blood smears.

Special tube racks

The special tube racks utilize different barcodes to differentiate specific usages, such as “QC”, “Slide making & staining only” and “RET test only". The special tube racks can carry the tubes to perform these specific functions in the simplest way.

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