CL-1000i/1200i is a robust and simple-to-use chemiluminescence analyzer with a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour. Though in a small bench-top package, it has a large onboard capacity of 25 reagents and 60 samples, and supports non-stop refill of samples, reagents and consumables during testing. By integrating the reliable CLIA technology with latest electrical and software improvement, CL-1000i/1200i enables easy operation and brings confident diagnosis faster than ever. Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine Immunoassay testing by way of high processing speed, reproducibility,  dependability, accuracy & quality for wider clinical correlation and diagnosis. 




⦁    One of the fastest bench-top chemiluminescence analyzers
⦁    Large onboard capacity in a small bench-top package
⦁    Swing arm and touch screen for easy operation
⦁    Non-stop sample loading and off-loading
⦁    Enhanced ALP-AMPPD method


Enhanced Reaction System 

  • 4-phase magnetic separation with precisely controlled temperature
  • Consistent performance reliability with enhanced PMT detection system
  • Non-touch vortexer mixing for reaction solution without any contamination    

Sample & Reagent Probe

⦁    Precisely controlled syringe motors offer high precision aspiration
⦁    Intelligent liquid level detection, clot detection, vertical and horizontal collision protection
⦁    Efficient interior & exterior probe wash with high pressure wash buffer
⦁    Programmable enhanced probe wash with detergent



Intuitive Software Interface

⦁    Unified software interface, significantly reduces training effort
⦁    Smooth interchange by intuitive software navigation
⦁    Easy access to touch screen monitor with swing arm (optional)

Sample Handling

⦁    Samples loading and offloading continuously by sample racks
⦁    Unified sample racks with detachable adaptor
⦁    Rack status real-time indicting on lane numbers
⦁    STATs prioritized fast


Consumables Management

⦁    Random access for cuvette loading without pause or stop
⦁    88*2 cuvettes in one batch, 200 cuvettes per waste bag
⦁    Cuvettes & waste bag status real-time indicating 



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