A floor-standing, fully automatic, chemiluminescence immunoassay system offering up to 240 tests per hour with ALP-AMPPD principle. 





  • High test throughput up to 240 T/H
  • Large capacity for sample and reagent processing
  • User-friendly software interface
  • Flexible connection with BS-800M chemistry system

Enhanced Reaction System

  • Non-touch vortex mixing for reaction solution without any contamination
  • Precisely controlled temperature for magnetic separation, incubation & reaction 
  • Reliable clinical performance with enhanced PMT chemiluminescent detection system

Efficient Washing System

  • Interior & exterior probe washing with high pressure pre-heated water
  • Programmed enhanced washing with detergent for reagent and sample probes
  • 4-step washing for magnetic separation unit with high efficiency

Stable Reagent Cartridges Utility

  • 2°C~8°C constant cooling compartment for reagents cartridges
  • Membrane sealed liquid reagent ready-to-use
  • Intelligent magnetic particles mixing by reagent carousel rotation

Intelligent Indication for Daily Operation

  • Real-time indication of cuvettes, waste and wash buffer status
  • Real-time monitoring for substrates consumption
  • Easy operation for replacing cuvettes, wash buffer and placing new substrates

User-friendly Interface

  • Real-time QC Status Monitoring
  • Traceable Test Results
  • Reflex and Re-run Function
  • Test Summary Function
  • Step-by-step Maintenance Guide

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