As one of the world’s smallest, fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, the CL-900i integrates a large capacity and fast assay speed into a compact model, achieving a perfect balance between size and immunoassay testing performance.

Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine Immunoassay testing by way of high processing speed, reproducibility,  dependability, accuracy & quality for wider clinical correlation and diagnosis. On the other hand, they are restricted by limited budgets. CL-900i can help to meet all these needs just perfectly and even exceed the expectations.





⦁    Measurement principle: Enhanced ALP-AMPPD method 
⦁    Throughput of up to 180 tests/hour
⦁    50 sample positions and 15 reagent positions

Ease of Operation

  • Only one start key
  •  Real-time consumables status monitoring

Efficient Management

  • Continuous loading of samples, reagents, substrates and cuvettes
  • User maintenance free, with no hidden cost
  • Comprehensive test menu with 64+ assays

Reagent Assembly

⦁    15 Reagent positions, continuous loading, real time mixing for magnetic particles
⦁    2~8 °C cooling system
⦁    Built in & external barcode reader

Assay Parameters 

⦁    Comprehensive test menu with 64+ assays
⦁    Calibration stability of 28 days
⦁    Ready to use reagents


Sample Assembly

⦁    Continuous sample loading and offloading
⦁    50 sample positions

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