The best patient care is your ultimate goal. To achieve this requires confident diagnosis even with daily increases in patient throughput. Built on the foundation of Mindray’s continuous customer insights into clinical needs and the inheritance from premium technology, the DC-80 with X-Insight is designed to help you manage your daily output with high efficiency, no matter what type patients and clinical challenges you will face.



Single crystal transducers with 3T technology

Combining with Mindray unique 3T technology (Triple-matching layers, Total-cut design, Thermal control), the brand-new single crystal volume, convex and phased array transducers provide a wider bandwidth to simultaneously offer better penetration and higher resolution, resulting in an optimum scanning solution.

Complete Elastography Solution

It delivers a complete elastography solution with best in class shear wave and strain technology. Sound Touch Elastography (STE*) with reliability map allows clinicians to get real-time 2D elastography and Young’s modulus quantification for liver, breast, thyroid and MSK with high accuracy and reproducibility. Sound Touch Quantification (STQ*) with unique “E Avg” also enables real time and easy tissue stiffness quantification for hepatic fibrosis assessment with high reliability and stability. Natural Touch Elastography with a unique shell for tumor infiltration analysis provides high stiffness sensitivity in applications such as thyroid, breast, and GYN.

iFusion with Respiration Compensation

Bringing the precision of fusion imaging to a new level, Mindray’s innovative and exclusive respiration compensation technology - supported by a sensitive magnetic motion sensor with millimeter accuracy - can help eliminate distortion and fusion inaccuracy caused by patient respiration.

UWNContrast Imaging

Mindray patented UWN CEUS enables DC-80 to detect and utilize both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generating images with significant enhancements:

  • Higher sensitivity for minor contrast medium signal

  • Longer agent duration at a lowerMI


It allows to compare real-time ultrasound imaging to the past DICOM CT/MRI/Mammography/X-Ray/Ultrasound images without external workstation. iCompare is very helpful to easily follow up the progression of disease and monitor the treatment effects.


Flexible and Unlimited

  • Dual-Wing Floating Arm for extremely flexibility and minimum body height

  • Up to 5 active transducer sockets for less plug in and out

  • Built-in battery for continuous scanning


Clear and Detailed

  • 21.5”/23.8’’ Full HD monitor

  • 13.3’’ Ultra-Slim touch screen with angle adjustment


Intuitive and Agile

  • Powerful touch gesture based workflow

  • MedTouch App with more interaction and convenience

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