Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India
Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

DC-N3 PRO is designed to provide con dent ultrasound diagnosis for obstetric and gynecological healthcare, combining high image quality, versatility and affordability all in one smart system. With the best 4D imaging in range, innovative rendering modes, inbuilt tutorial module and simplified workflow, DC-N3 PRO is truly a redefinition of the base, providing you with much more than just an ordinary ultrasound imaging system.




PSH™ (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)

Purified Harmonic Imaging for better contrast resolution providing clearer images with excellent resolution and less noise



Permits use of multiple scanned angles to form a single image, resulting in enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization


Multiple Beam Formation

Maximum 4 times tasking for one transmitted beam, resulting in excellent time resolution and higher frame rate.


Natural Touch Elastography

Based on Mindray’s latest patented technology, Natural Touch Elastography reduces dependence on user operation technique, improving operator’s reproducibility for higher clinical utility.

  • Higher stiffness sensitivity
  • Good stability and reproducibility



Get a complete and extended view of the anatomical structure through panoramic imaging coupled with velocity indication and forward/backward scan ability making scanning much easier, smoother and more controllable.


UWN (Ultra-Wideband Non-linear) Contrast Imaging

Mindray’s unique contrast imaging technology, utilizing contrast agent characters with both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signal to get improved S/N ratio for better diagnostic details and longer contrast agent duration for better observation.



Discover better diagnostic information through extended view of the anatomical structure on all convex and linear probes



Your tool for deeper biopsy: allowing adjustments to the scan line to gain better visibility of the needle, nerves and small vessels


Free Xros M™

Gain precise anatomical observation by freely placing sample lines at any angle. Attain better images through simultaneous display of up to 3 sample lines.


Free Xros CM™

Accurately evaluate myocardial motion at different phases, and simultaneously determine myocardial synchronization. Higher frame-rate providing you with accurate results



The Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) allows you to quantitatively evaluate local myocardial movement and function, with quantitative velocity parameter in TDI QA.




Dedicated inbuilt tutorial software

  • Anatomical diagram illustrations including schematic and ultrasound picture

  • Standard ultrasonogram comparison with real-time scanning

  • Scanning reference picture demonstrating appropriate patient position and probe placement

  • Tips on scanning skills and diagnostic information


Auto IMT

Auto measurement of anterior and posterior wall thickness providing accurate carotid status


Auto LV

Simple measurement procedure for left ventricle, enhanced by auto-trace functionality and easy manual correction


Raw Data

Enables optimum flexibility for post processing of the stored images including parameter adjustments, adding comments and measurements, allowing maximum productivity during scanning



Gain instant full screen view on the click of a single key



Gain instant auto image optimization in B, Color and PW Modes on the click of a single key

iStorage / iMeasurement / iReport

  • iStorage: Directly transfer images and reports to PC via network cable

  • iMeasurement & iReport: Offline PC software for user-defined measurement table, formula calculation and report template


Mindray’s unique Patient Information Management System allowing you to integrate, review, archive and retrieve patient data effectively



DC-N3 PRO lets you transfer clinical images and cine to your IOS or android powered smart device via an interactive app. With MedSight you can now take the clinical examinations with you wherever needed.


  • 180° rotatable HD monitor

  • DVD-RW drive and USB ports

  • Rotatable and height adjustable control panel

  • User-programmable keys

  • Cable management design

  • 4 active transducer sockets

  • Built-in battery supporting real-time scanning


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