Trustworthy Imaging

MX7, based on our revolutionary ZST+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced algorithm, is designed to provide trustworthy imaging for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition

Dynamic Pixel Focusing

Cardiovascular Solution

Comprehensive Battery Solution

With optional U-Bank, MX7 can support up to 8 hours continuous scanning, providing one day scanning companion.

U-Bank with trolley

U-Bank with main unit

Promising Design


Convenient probe extender

Extend the probe socket from one to two ports, no matter with trolley or not


AL-Mg alloy design

AL-Mg covers on MX provides the high quality with better robust and duration


Anti-collision design

• Transducer holder

• Rear handle for main unit


Cable management

• Probe cable upwards

• Multi-functional rear handle for winding cable


Innovative storage design

• Three storage baskets provide large storage space

• The baskets are interchangeable, the tray can be used as cover to avoid dropping


Largest lifting range

320mm height lifting range.


“X” ultra-small chassis

Free to enter narrow space and rotate


Vibration-reducing casters

Adapt to various road conditions


Medical-grade magnetic power socket

• Simple to connect

• Prevents cable strain


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