Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India
Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Nuewa I9

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

Innovation, in Every Facet

The Nuewa I9, dedicatedly designed for women and neonatal healthcare, providing an innovative experience from inside out. These innovations are developed based on in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios, providing accurate and timely answers as well as outstanding efficiency and remarkable user experience.

Unlimited Scanning Flexibility Beyond Imagination

iConsole -- Intelligent Control Panel

Intelligent and clinical exam-specific control panel layout with special E-ink keys

Breakthrough design with adaptive layout for different clinical scenarios

Full-space Floating Control Panel

Can be adjusted for better space utilization

Easily meet various scanning needs

Unrivaled Ease of Use

Easy to Use in Every Possible Clinical Scenario

3D/4D interaction becomes extremely intuitive and easy with reduced knob adjustments. Simply click and choose the effect you want for different application scenarios, such as Routine, iLive, Bone, Tissue, Follicle application scenario and so on. The preset imaging settings have been integrated in the system for optimal volume imaging effects.

Routine scenario for regular practice

iLive scenario rendering

Bone scenario for special bone visualization

Tissue scenario specially designed for soft tissues

Follicle scenario with multiple follicle effects


Immersive experience and intuitive interaction

23.8” bezel-less full-screen with more information provided

15.6” full-HD touch screen with powerful gesture operation

Simultaneous dual screen display for both doctors and moms

Well-thought-out Design for Ultimate Convenience

Just Fold Down and Go

Minimum 1 meter height

Easy transportation by MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) for mobile service

Bedside Exams without Power Cables

Up to 4 hours continuous scanning

Auto indication of residual power when you grasp the right handle

Super-silent Design

26dB super-silent design as quiet as a bedroom

Greater comfort without disturbance

Full-stack Solution Powered by ZST +

The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data based processing. It overcomes the traditional trade-off limitation among spatial resolution, temporal resolution and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.

Nuewa I9 provides full-stack smart solution for extraordinarily efficient women and neonatal care. It covers the continuum from pre-pregnancy, obstetrics to post-partum. The whole exam procedure becomes an automated workflow: it starts by identifying the automatic clinical application scenario, and uses automation at every exam point, such as imaging optimization, plane acquisition, and quantification.

Clinical Scenario-based Innovation with Smart Scene 3D

The innovative Smart Scene 3D is a smart scenario-oriented volume scan technique. By combining advanced algorithms with domain knowledge, it automatically enables the identification of tissue characteristics and provides an organ-specific diagnostic tool with smart features throughout the whole exam procedure from imaging optimization, plane acquisition, to quantification.

Smart Scene 3D can be widely used in women's healthcare during pre-pregnancy, obstetric and post-partum exams. As the technology becomes increasingly widely adopted, it will be continuously developed and enhanced in the future.

GYN/IVF Solution
Obstetric Solution
Post-partum Solution
Neonatal Solution

Smart Endometrial Receptivity Analysis -- Smart-V Trace

Smart-V Trace effectively detects anatomical structures with even weak boundaries, such as endometrium. In addition, it provides a comprehensive assessment of the vascular footprint and blood flow intensity in target area is provided to present more diagnostic information for endometrial receptivity and tumor blood flow distribution.

Smart-V Trace

Smart Follicle Study for IVF -- Smart FLC

Smart FLC automatically detects the number of follicles and calculates the volume for each one from a 3D ovarian volume image, ensuring an accurate assessment of follicles, which is essential for IVF exams.

Smart FLC


Unprecedented Realism and Clarity -- iLive with Hyaline

By mimicking multiple light sources of variable intensity, iLive helps to significantly improve the anatomical detailed resolution for both surface and internal structures through high-speed volume rendering.

iLive with Hyaline

Smart and Accurate Fetal CNS Study -- Smart Planes CNS

Mindray’s pioneering technology allows for fully automatic and accurate detection of the most significant planes (MSP, TCP, TTP and TVP) and frequently-used measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, TCD, CM and LVW) of fetal CNS, leading to improved throughput and reduced user dependency.

Smart Planes CNS

Efficient and Precise Intra-cranial Volume Evaluation --- Smart ICV

Smart ICV enables auto fetal brain segmentation and realizes fully automatic measurement for fetal intra-cranial volume study. With minimum user manipulation, Smart ICV offers extremely smart and efficient ICV measurement with greater accuracy.

Smart ICV


Easy Diagnosis of Pelvic Floor Disorders-- Smart Pelvic

Smart Pelvic greatly simplifies operational procedures and minimizes the exam time for a standardized evaluation of the pelvic floor, whether for the anterior pelvic compartment or anal levator hiatus. With extremely simple user-interaction, it generates a standard coordinate system and fully automatedy measurements within a few seconds. It additionally offers auto acquisition of multiple parallel planes while symphysis pubis is "open, closing and closed”.

Smart Pelvic

Auto planes acquisition

Reliable and Smart DDH Screening --- Smart Hip

Smart Hip is a simple and efficient tool for accurate and reliable DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip) screening and diagnosis. It provides auto detection of hip structures and auto measurement of α and β for easy Graf classification. A quick exam only takes a single click, so is less dependent on the cooperation of the newborn.

Smart Hip

Clinical Images

  • Fetal face iLive


  • Early OB fetus


  • Fetal spine 3D


  • Fetal varus foot


  • Corpus callosum and cerebellar vermis


  • Fetal heart


  • Fetal gastrointestinal dilatation


  • Uterine myoma elastography


  • Follicle 3D


  • Ovarian tumor


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