Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India
Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India


Unlimited Scanning Flexibility Beyond Imagination

iConsole -- Intelligent Control Panel

Intelligent and clinical exam-specific control panel layout with special E-ink keys

Breakthrough design with adaptive layout for different clinical scenarios

Full-space Floating Control Panel

Can be adjusted for better space utilization

Easily meet various scanning needs

  • Stand scanning

  • Crouch scanning

  • Stretch scanning

  • Cross-bed Scanning

Bring Optimal Patient Care Immediately

Just Fold Down and Go

Minimum 1 meter height

Easy transportation by MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) for mobile service

Bedside Exams without Power Cables

Up to 4 hours continuous scanning

Auto indication of residual power when you grasp the right handle

Infinite Imaging Solutions Powered by ZST +

The ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel data based processing. It overcomes the traditional trade-off limitation among spatial resolution, temporal resolution and tissue uniformity, delivering exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements.

Resona I9 provides comprehensive clinical solutions for dedicated applications. Based on in-depth insights into different clinical scenarios, it delivers innovations that give users extreme clarity, outstanding intelligence and enhanced diagnostic confidence.

Advanced Diagnosis with Innovations
Increased Diagnostic Confidence with Automatic Tools
Precise Analysis and Measurements

Innovative Stiffness Assessment: HiFR STE

Up to 10 times faster frame rate with smooth STE imaging display

More sensitive motion detection for better stability and greater accuracy

HiFR STE of breast cancer

HiFR STE of liver

Focal Lesion Diagnosis with Perfusion: UWN+ Contrast Imaging

Utilization of both the 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals

Greater sensitivity for minor signals and longer agent duration with lower MI

CEUS of metastatic liver cancer

CEUS perfusion of thyroid adenoma

A Novel Approach of Vascular Hemodynamics: V Flow

The color coded vector arrows indicate the velocity magnitude and direction of blood cells. With an ultra-high frame rate, V Flow provides extremely vivid, accurate and angle-independent visualization of complex vascular hemodynamic profiles with comprehensive data information.

V Flow


Smart and Accurate Breast Lesion Diagnosis: Smart Breast

Smart Breast increases the accuracy and productivity of routine breast scanning. The smart BI-RADS analysis enables fully automatic lesion detection, measurement, annotation, analysis and reporting. The lesion-oriented scanning protocol effectively improves quality control. Additionally, the systematic multi-lesion management and multi-planes assessment further provide more diagnostic information and greater accuracy.

Breast invasive ductal carcinoma

Smart and Standardized Thyroid Nodule Assessment: Smart Thyroid

The multi-planes based TI-RADS analysis enables more comprehensive and accurate thyroid nodule classification. Meanwhile the streamlined automated workflow provides more effective thyroid scanning.

Papillary thyroid carcinoma

Easy and fast evaluation of liver steatosis: Smart HRI

Auto organ recognition and brightness ratio calculation of liver and renal cortex

More reliable and accurate data than traditional qualitative estimation

Smart HRI


Precise Hardness Analysis of Vessel Wall -- R-VQS

R-VQS provides precise analysis with vessel hardness coefficient & pulse wave velocity. It helps for early diagnosis and prevention of artery atherosclerosis.


Angle-independent Myocardial Movement Evaluation -- TT QA

TT QA tracks the myocardial motion by the detection of 2D speckle patterns, and provides angle–independent and precise evaluation of myocardial movement.



Clinical Images

  • Liver HiFR STE


  • Hepatic hemangioma


  • Bowel image


  • Breast mass STE


  • Metastatic lymph node HR Flow


  • Thyroid nodule


  • Testis power flow


  • Prostate STE


  • Common carotid artery


  • Carotid artery stenosis


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