The SAL 9000 Modular System delivers high throughput of chemistry and immunoassay testing by integrating Mindray BS-2000 Chemistry Analyzer and CL-6000i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer, and new Sample Processing Line SPL 2000. With patented automatic serum analysis design, SAL 9000 not only helps you optimize the management of lab space and manpower, it also offers highly reliable test results.



Maximize laboratory efficiency

  • Integration: Optimize your lab’s customized arrangement with better automation system

  • Efficiency: High-throughput chemistry and immunology modules for longer walk-away time

  • Reliability: Ingenious and comprehensive analytic system provides reliable and accurate results

  • Easy operation: no need of extra operational training

Powerful SPL Sample Distribution Module

  • Patented double-layer & basket delivery design, up to 600 sample positions

  • Continuously loading of single or multiple samples

  • Independent STAT lane, quick response

  • Intelligent samples distribution for maximum module efficiency

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