With SC-120 slide maker & stainer, Mindray redefines productivity, efficiency as well as reliability of the hematology line in the market. Using unique technology, the SC-120 is able to make blood films, print the patient information directly onto the slides, stain them with different types of staining protocols and dry their wet surfaces instead of manual work.





SC-120 is a standalone unit and it could also be integrated into the Mindray CAL 8000 cellular analysis line.A total of 120 slides could be processed per hour. The SC-120 ensures the best blood smear quality and reliability.


The cassette, which is used for carrying glass slides could be easily loaded from the front of SC-120, and be automatically transported inside by the track

STAT possibility

The STAT position ensures a faster blood smear preparation. This position can handle micro-samples requiring only 25μL blood, this is the smallest blood requirement in the hematology industry. Users are able to load up to 150 slides at a time into SC-120 for reducing the turn around time.

High Class

The blood spreader(or pusher) blade is made of highly durable sapphire glass. The blood volume requirement and the speed as well as angle of the blood spreader (or pusher) are automatically adjusted according to the blood sample’s consistency.


All slides are heat dried before and after staining. This optimizes staining quality and reduces contamination risk for the users.
Both, the stained and dried slides are held in the cassettes at the output area where they are ready for a microscope review.


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