Striving for better patient care, and seeking out the best solution for rapid decision is essential for clinicians. With smart fluid management tools, safe needling features, a complete disinfection solution, and superior quality imaging, the Mindray TE7 ACE is designed to cover the Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency applications. Ready for care anytime and easy to learn and use, it can help clinicians to face all challenges of high quality medical services with confidence. For the first time, TE7 ACE as an ultrasound can be connected seamlessly into your clinical network with other equipment together.


Safe to Puncture

With eSpacial NaviTM, TE7 ACE guides you to better visualize the needle adaptively during either In-Plane or Out-of-Plane procedures. The position of the tip and the alignment of the needle now are simply identified, allowing you to plan the needle trajectory before puncturing and guiding you to the target safer and easier.


The unloading area can hold up to 200 sample tubes at a time. From here the users could select the sample tubes which need further analysis.


Innovative Voice Command

Based on advanced voice recognition technology, iVocal allows you to remotely control the system by simple yet extensive voice commands through a wireless microphone.


Gesture Control for Ease of Use

State-of-the-art fingertip operation: drag to adjust Depth or Gain, pinch to zoom in or out, and swipe to expand the imaging area, even with your gloves on - providing simple control at the touch of a finger.


Reliable to Disinfect

TE7 ACE provides the highest standard disinfection solution with a special optimized design, high chemical resistance,and a wide range of disinfectants. The seamless and non-porous touch screen is easily disinfected,with a 10-second screen locking feature for cleaning even during exams.




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