Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India
Manufacturer Of Medical Equipment | Supplier | Mindray India

uMED combines the professionalism of a manual defibrillator with the user-friendliness of an automatic external defibrillator to assist both experienced and less experienced users with resuscitation. The intuitive layout of the controls and intelligent navigation make it easy and safe to use. The device’s compactness also facilitates transport, while the robust casing enables it to be used even in difficult conditions.


Simple, but Professional

As a monitor uMED helps recognize and prevent cardiac arrest from occurring; as a defibrillator uMED supports users through their individual level of proficiency in both manual and AED mode.

Manual Defibrillation with Clear 1-2-3 Steps

1. Select energy
2. Charge
3. Shock

Intelligent ResQNaviTM

With innovative ResQNaviTM technology, uMED 20 can evaluate the proficiency level of clinicians, perform automatic rhythm analysis and intelligently navigate the rescue process step by step, even in manual defibrillation mode.

Paddle placement
Charging guide
External Paddles with Patient Contact Indicator

Buttons for energy selection, charging and shock delivery improve usability for clinicians.

Patient contact indicators both on the paddle and screen give a visual status of paddle contact to ensure discharge efficiency

Quick Guidance, Easy Maintenance

Quick Guidance, Interactive Experience

uMED provides a quick operation guide. With interactive immersive experience, the quick demo guide helps medical staff quickly grasp the key operations of the device

Easy Maintenance, all at a glance

A defibrillator is on standby status for more than 95% of the complete life cycle. However, a lot of defibrillators in the market do not have a comprehensive auto-test function and rely on manual check. How can device failures be detected and resolved in time? uMED 20 makes routine maintenance simple and safe, helping to save manpower, improve efficiency and ensure that the defibrillator is ready for use at any time.

  • Device status is clear at a glance with comprehensive auto-test, no need for daily manual check.
  • Quick access makes it easy for medical staff to view the whole test summary.
  • Customized auto-test report helps the users only focus on what they really care about.
  • Device failures can be simply resolved by users themselves, thanks to graphical visual troubleshooting guide.

Reliable & Effective

Reliable & Durable Quality

To be reliable in facing a variety of possible accidents, uMED 20 has passed strict safety and reliability tests. It is extremely durable and has a long life span

  • IP44 water-/dust-proof
  • 6-surface 0.75m drop test without any additional protection
  • Working temperature is 0~45°C, unaffected by extremes
  • Large capacity battery, longer battery life, more durable
Fast & Effective Shock

uMED 20 is also equipped with 360J biphasic and QShockTM technologies, which further improve the effectiveness of defibrillation

  • 360J biphasic technology with auto-compensation according to patient impedance, working for a wider range of people
  • QShockTM technology brings an extremely fast defibrillation experience, for every second counts.

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